Latinx Pop Lab™ is a creative and knowledge generating space that bridges campus with BIPOC creative critical local, regional, and national communities.

Latinx Pop Lab aims to make known to the world that UT Austin is the place for the groundbreaking creative, intellectual, and curatorial work in and around Latinx pop narratives, comic books, animation, gaming & multimedia arts.

The clearing of BIPOC creative critical communal spaces is core to Latinx Pop Lab’s mission and identity. With events & programs throughout the year the Latinx Pop Lab focuses on growing new generations of BIPOC critical creative makers, thinkers, & doers.

The Latinx Pop Lab is housed on the 4th Floor (4.102) of UTAustin’s state-of-the-art Patton Hall.

The Latinx Pop Lab Open Hours

Monday Noon-2PM

Tuesday 8:45AM-9:15AM & Noon-2PM & 3:30PM-5PM

Wednesday 9am-11:45am & Noon-2PM & 2:45pm-4pm

Thursday 8:45am-9:15am & Noon-2PM & 3:30pm-5pm

Friday Noon-2PM

Signature Programs

Latinx Pop Lab & Latinx Creative Critical Consortium
The Latinx Pop Lab along with Critical Consortium partners—Texas A&M, UT Dallas, Southern Methodist University, Texas State, San Marcos, and Austin Community College—offers students from across Texas the opportunity to share, workshop, and engage with the cutting-edge Latinx creative and scholarly work being done today. The aim: for students to critically create work that resonates across on-campus and off-campus publics.

Latinx Pop Lab Creative Collaboratory
The Creative Collaboratory residency brings to the UT campus & Austin community BIPOC creators working in the comics and multimedia narrative arts to work collaboratively on a new project with a given theme. Residencies embed creatives in the ongoing critical creative work at the Latinx Pop Lab, exploring and workshopping with students at UT and K-12 in the community in ways that foster dialogue & creation across the arts, humanities, and STEM fields.

Latinx Pop Lab’s BIPOC POP
Every spring, the Latinx Pop Lab’s BIPOC POP Expo & Symposium brings to the UT Austin campus creatives, scholars, and industry leaders working in the comics, gaming, animation, and multimedia arts to focus on strengthening community through the sharing of cutting edge creative critical knowledge making in the graphic storytelling arts. BIPOC POP clears a creative critical space for making & strengthening community and creative critical action today and tomorrow in the comics, gaming, animation, & multimedia storytelling arts.

About Professor Aldama

Frederick Luis Aldama

Also known as Professor Latinx, he is the Jacob & Frances Sanger Mossiker Chair in the Humanities at the University of Texas, Austin. He holds a Faculty Affiliate appointment with UT Austin’s Radio-Television-Film as well as Adjunct Professor at The Ohio State University.

He is the award-winning author of over 48 books, including an Eisner Award for Latinx Superheroes in Mainstream Comics. He is editor and coeditor of 9 academic press book series, including the editor of Latinographix that publishes Latinx comics. He is the creator of the first documentary on the history of Latinx superheroes and founder and director of UT’s Latinx Pop Lab. He’s author of several children’s books, including The Adventures of Chupacabra Charlie (published in English and Spanish) and the forthcoming, Con Papá/With Papá.

The Adventures of Chupacabra Charlie

Professor Latinx Website

Home Department


LPL Core

Aaron Jimenez Latinx Spaces
José Morey Ad Astra Media
Kate Sánchez Founder But Why Tho?A Geek Community
Victor Sáenz & Emmet Campos Project MALES, UT Austin

LPL Staff

Samantha Ceballos Latinx Pop Lab
Elena Ivonye Latinx Pop Lab

LPL Council

  • William A. Nericcio. Director. MALAS/Masters of Liberal Arts & Sciences. San Diego State University
  • Javier & Nino. MexAmeriCon
  • David Bowles. CHISPA Comics.
  • Shawn Taylor. Pop Culture Collaborative
  • John Jennings & Stanford Carpenter. BCAF: Black & Brown Comix Arts Festival
  • Lee Francis IV. IndigiCon & Red Planet Books/Comics & Native Realities Press
  • Richard Santos. Austin Bat Cave
  • Kevin Garcia. Liberal Arts & Sciences Academy
  • Peter Murrieta. Creator, Producer, & ASU professor
  • Deborah Whaley. Artist, digital arts, comics scholar at the University of Iowa
  • Héctor Rodriguez. Director Texas Latino Comic Con & Co-Publisher CHISPA Comics
  • Joseph Lopez. Director. Media & Gaming Lab. Texas A&M
  • Oscar Garza & Rolando Esquivel. 5Meats Comics
  • Ben Ortiz. Curator. Cornell Hip Hip Collection
  • Theresa Rojas. Director. Latinx Comics Arts Festival
  • Ben Lopez. Independent Consultant & Producer
  • Ricardo Padilla & Bobby Hernandez. Directors. Latino Comics Expo
  • Adam Bradley. Laboratory for Race & Popular Culture. UCLA
  • D. Fox Harrell. Director MIT Center Advanced Virtuality Lab
  • Clint Fluker. Curator. Emory University
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