Latinx Creative Critical Consortium Symposium

Creating Critically for Different Publics

Host: Latinx Pop Lab

Co-Sponsor: SMU Department of English

Day & Time

November 11th 8:45AM-5PM


Latinx Pop Lab

Patton Hall | 4.102


Every Fall, the Latinx Creative Critical Consortium Symposium offers students from a variety of Texas university campuses the opportunity to share, workshop, and engage with the cutting edge Latinx creative and scholarly work being done today. The day’s program includes student panels, roundtables, workshops and breakout sessions led by faculty and featured professional creatives.


For students to critically create work that resonates across on-campus and off-campus publics!

Student Focused

Panels, Roundtables, Workshops


Creative Critical Consortium Partners

  • UT Austin: Dr. Frederick Luis Aldama, Domino Perez, Lydia CdeBaca, Jackie Cuevas, Sam Ceballos
  • SMU (Co-Sponsor): Drs. Christopher González & Jayson González Sae-Saue
  • Rice University: Dr. Carlos Kelly
  • Texas A&M, College Station: Drs. Regina Marie Mills & Joey Lopez
  • University of North Texas: Drs. Jennifer Gómez Menjívar, Jo Davis-McElligatt, John Martin
  • Texas A&M, San Antonio: Dr. Elena Foulis
  • University of Houston, Downtown: Dr. Anthony Ramirez
  • UT Dallas: Dr. Manny Martinez, Bahar Momeniabdolabadi, Héctor Cantú

Latinx Pop Lab Creative Collaboratory

Period of Residence

November 13th – November 15th

Theme 2023

Latinx Storytelling Matters


The Latinx Pop Lab Creative Collaboratory brings to the UT campus and Austin community BIPOC creators working in the comics and multimedia narrative arts to work collaboratively on a new project. Residencies embed creatives in the ongoing critical creative work at the Latinx Pop Lab, exposing students to the creative process and fostering dialogue & creation across the arts, humanities, and sciences.

Join Eliamaría for the 2023 Latinx Pop Lab Creative Collaboratory November 11-14th

Presentations & Workshops

Work on a new collaborative word-drawn narrative project. 
Present the results of the collaborative created word-drawn project to faculty, students, and community.
Present at BIPOC Comics courses on campus.
Comics Workshop in the Community: Ridgetop Elementary School & McCallum High

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