Latinx Creative Critical Consortium at Texas A&M

It’s that time of year again! Join us for another exciting Creative Critical Consortium hosted by our partners at Texas A&M University . The event will be October 15th from 9am-5pm. Use the link to register for the event.

Every Fall, the Latinx Creative Critical Consortium Symposium offers students, faculty, staff, and community members from a variety of Texas university campuses the opportunity to share, workshop, and engage with the cutting edge Latinx creative and scholarly work being done today. The day’s program includes panels, roundtables, workshops and breakout sessions led by faculty and featured professional creatives. The aim: for students to critically create work that resonates across on-campus and off-campus publics.

This Fall 2022, the Latinx Creative Critical Consortium will be held at Texas A&M-College Station October 15th from 9am – 5pm. Our theme is Transmedial Publics, as we will be focusing on the variety of print, digital, and visual media at the intersection of theory and practice. We are interested in the alternative, the experimental, and all the ways we can push marginalized voices to the center. Together we can think about how we can use media to tell stories, make connections, and find our voices. This year we will offer tracks in areas such as Gaming, Comics, LGBTQ & Feminist Artmaking, Popular Culture (and more!).

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